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National Symbols of India| Indian National Symbols | Symbols Of India
The national symbols of a country are important entities that represent the sentiments of the whole nation along-with its inclinations. They denote the country’s rich cultural heritage and are in-fact the identity of the nation itself. We see these symbols wherever there is information about the country, be it in books, on websites, television or on currency. The symbols are revered in the population of a country as they instil a sense of belonging, pride and nationalism. India has several national symbols, each as revered and important as the one before. Let us have a look at these symbols that define our identity as citizens
National Animal
Tiger is the national animal of India. It denotes the rich wildlife of our country. Tiger is found throughout the nation from the states of Rajasthan in west to West Bengal in east. The attributes of a tiger namely grace, agility, strength and intelligence have made it our national animal.
National anthem
‘Jana-Gana-Mana’ is our national anthem, written by Rabindranath Tagore which was originally a Bengali song. It was taken as the national anthem in its Hindi version. The song, beautifully composed, is sung or played on many occasions ranging from political events to religious gatherings.
National Bird
Peacock is our national bird. The majestic bird is the pride of our country, the colours of its feathers being captivating as much as it’s mating dance. It is a sight to watch the bird spread out its wings and arch its long neck while it walks slowly towards its mate.
National calendar
The national calendar of our country is based on the Saka era that starts with the Chaitra month. Following this particular adoption the normal calendar of 365 days was used.
National Flag The national flag called the tricolour is comprised of three consecutive bands of colours with a navy blue coloured wheel in the centre. Each band represents its own virtue, Saffron signifying patriotism and piety, white denoting purity and peace while green representing greenery and prosperity. The navy blue wheel in the centre signifies the continuing prosperity of the nation.
National Fruit
‘Mango’ is our national fruit, avaialbel in various varieties. This is a fleshy and juicy fruit that is rich source of Vitamins A, C, & D. It is extensively cultivated throughout the country and is also exported in large numbers.
National River
The Ganga or Ganges is our national river. It originates from the Gangotri Glacier in the Himalayas and unites with several other Indian rivers.
National song
It’s a song composed by Bankimchandra Chatterji, first sung in a political event in the year 1896.
National emblem
This is from the Buddhist Lion capital of Ashoka the great at Sarnath near Beneras.

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