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India Postal Code

India Postal code | List of Postal codes in India
There are many postal codes which are redistributed in every year, and this cause millions of homes all over the country. As government agency always change the postal address in every year, so that people should have knowledge of changes that have been made. The reason for this is, the way of processing and sending large packages will be speed up, the other reason is that the amount of money will be less because there will be no large boxes to send in the post office.

There is an important thing regarding addresses which can be taken into concern is that one with thinking of addresses and working will make them order to utilize the location and manage it to find answers for problem. This procedure take together the company information with certain place , which come up with a better solution.

The Postal Code is a six digit number, in which each number represents a particular place and the combination of these numbers will decide the location and where it to deliver the packages. Postal Code is one of the important part, as it will guarantee that your package will reach to the correct location. India is divided into 8 PIN regions. In Postal code, the first two digit will indicate the one of the 8 regions , first two digit as a combination indicate the 19 postal circles , the first three digit together will indicate the revenue districts and the last 3 digit refer to the delivery post office.

                                                      State wise india Pincode List
                       STATE                             CITY                          AREA                         PIN

                       PUNJAB                      AMRITSAR                  ABDAL                         143502

                       BIHAR                        BHOJPUR                   ALLIPUR                        802161

                      GUJARAT                  AHMEDABAD                 ALAU                          382255
                          DELHI                       NEW DELHI         NAUROJI NAGAR             110029

                   MAHARASHTRA              MUMBAI              ANDHERI EAST               400069

                    WEST BENGAL               KOLKATA           LAKE GARDENS              700045
                MADHYA PRADESH           KIRAOLI               - DULHARA                     283110

                        KERALA                     KOTTAYAM       -   ADUKKAM                     686580

                    TELANGANA   -            NALGONDA           AITIPAMULA                   508205

                    TAMIL NADU  -             CHENNAI                 AGARAM                        600082

                      HARYANA                   GURGAON                 AKHERA                        122107
                        ASSAM                         JORHAT                   BAHANA                         785101

               UTTAR PRADESH                KIRAOLI        -        DULHARA                        283110

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