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National Fruit of India | Indian National Fruit
                                                       National Fruit Of India

Mango is the national fruit of India, scientific name is Mangifera Indica, fruit is grown in all parts of India except hilly areas, mango is mainly available in the summer season . It is a rich source of Vitamin A, C and D . There are more than 100 varieties of Mangoes in India, they are of different shapes, colors and size. In our history there are stories of mangoes, kalidasa, the famous poet sang for its praise.
In 17th century, mango were first exported to American colonies in the form of pickle , as no refrigeration was available at that time. Hieun Tsang and Alexander together enjoy the taste of Mangoes. Akbar, the Mughal king, has planted over 100000 mango trees in Darbhanga(Modern Bihar).
Ripe, fleshy mango are very tasty, raw material can be used to make spicy pickles, that are important for Indian cuisine. International festive is conducted in Delhi every year, that display wide range of favorite Indian varieties along with the latest discoveries of mango varieties , that are healthy, tasty and quick to bear fruits. Visitors are allowed to taste different flavors of mangoes , so that they can buy a tree for their fruit garden.

Varieties: There are large number of Mango varieties found in India , most popular are Alphonso , Bangalora , Bombay , Chausa , Dashaheri , Fernandian , Himayath , kishen Bhog , Langda ,Mankurad , Neelam , Pedda , Safeda , Totapuri , Zardalu etc.

Cultivation: The best climate for the growth of Mangoes is Frost-Free, if temperature is below 40 degree F, the fruits and flowers which have already been grown in the tree get’s killed. For the cultivation of fruit , warm and dry weather is required , the trees of mango are shady, they grow very fast and can reach a height of 65 feet.

1. The antioxidant compound in mango prevents from Cancer.
2. It helps in lowering the cholesterol level.
3. It keeps the skin clear and eliminates the clogged pores.
4. It helps in improving eye sight.
5. It maintains the sugar level.
6. It improves digestion.
7. It helps in maintaining the body temperature.
8. It keeps the immune system strong and healthy.

However, mango is not only the national fruit of India, but it is also useful in many ways.
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