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                     National Bird of India

National symbols of India creates the entity which reflects prestige and pride of the whole nation .National Bird In India are Kingfisher, Peacock, Fowl and many more.

Famous Bird Sanctuaries In India: Popular word destinations are Kumarakom Sanctuary , Nawab Ganj Sanctuary, keoladeo Ghana national park and Chilika lake bird sanctuary. Popular Bird Species
Indian Peacock: Peacock is the National Bird Of India , colorful Feathers of Peacock makes the most attractive bird in the world , in India all the parks have this type of species.
Common Kingfisher: It is the most popular inhabited, avi faunas in India, the bird is about 17cm long and weighs about 30-34g. Common Kingfishers life span is only 7 years, it is mostly found in Sunderbans National Park , Bandhavgarh National Park and Corbett National Park.
Grey Jungle fowl: Grey Jungle Fowl has long neck with grey blackish color, feathers have a combination of black and white stripes and comb is deep red in color. Grey Jungle fowl mostly found in Thattekad Bird Sanctuary, Sultanpur National Park and Bandipur National Park.
Brown Long eared Bat : Brown Long Eared Bat is medium in size with features face of pink color, Females are slightly larger than male. The life span of Brown long bat is minimum 4 years to 30 years, this bird mostly found in sultanpur bird sanctuary and Bhratpur Bird Sanctuary.
Great Indian Bustard: This long Legged Bustard can be protected in areas of Desert National Park, it can be hardly define the difference between the male and female. These birds mostly found in Lala-Parjau Sanctuary in western kutch and Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary.

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