Thursday, 8 January 2015

Different Languages of India makes a great divider of people

Languages Of India | Indian Languages

India is home for having several hundred languages, most Languages of India belong to many language families. Currently, in India there are 780 languages spoken, from which 220 languages are lost in last 50 years.Indian official languages are English and Hindi. There are some languages which are spoken by few people and they are on the way of eliminating.

The way we talk will be influenced by many factors- our educational , work environment, social background, family and friends. If you are interested in learning a language then it would be best to choose that language which is spoken most widely.

Language is considered to be an adequate tool for combination between people, so that to transfer their message, knowledge and their ideas etc. Different Languages spoken in India acts as a divider of people. To understand other languages we use translation, it requires source language to the target language.

India is a land which has many regional languages spoken in different locations. Hindi is one of the national language and it is widely spoken in Northern India. Other languages like Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Oriya, Sindhi, Malayalam etc are the local languages spoken in different regions of India.

Today, the advance of Internet have made easy to get online education, heath, online shopping and business etc. The translation documents which has been translated by translator facilitate the readers from different part of the country to read through the local language websites.Due to this indian language facility, online business company can accomplish with consumers easily.The different types of national business meetings can be held with multilingual participants from different parts of the country and this will help to promote business within the world.

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