Thursday, 22 January 2015

Cancer is not an infection- its a Survival Mechanism

Types Of Cancers | List Of Cancer Types
Keep yourself away from inaccurate information about cancer that it cannot be cured, there are many successful Cancer Treatments available that gave new life to the cancer patients. Cancer is an abnormal growth of cell, it is also known as malignancy. Cancer appears when the growth of cell is out of control and cell divides rapidly. Cancer establishes in any organ like lung, breast, skin, colon, bones or nerve tissue. There are more than 100 types of cancers such as skin cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and many more.

Following are the different types of cancers.

1. Bone cancer: Cancer can occur in any part of the bone, cancer occurs when the number of normal cells in the bone changes and grows uncontrollably creating a mass called the tumor. A bone tumor can be cancerous or benign, cancerous tumor is fatal i.e it spreads to other parts of the body whereas benign tumor means it will not spread to different parts of the body.

2. Breast cancer: Breast cancer occur due the Breast cell, it spreads when cancer grows in the other parts of the body or when blood cancer cell moves to other parts of the body through blood vessels. Blood cancer is most common for women, it commonly spread to the regional lymph nodes. The regional lymph nodes are under the arms, chest bone, in the neck etc. Almost 18.2% death occurs due to the breast cancer, including both males and females.

3. Skin Cancer: Skin Cancer occurs due to the growth of abnormal cell that spread to the whole part of the body. Skin cancer is developed in that area which is exposed to the sun like face, ear, lips, scalp, chest, arm, neck, hand and on the legs. Skin Cancer can also occur in that area which are not exposed to light like your palm, beneath your fingernails and your genital area.

4. Blood Cancer: Blood Cancer is a group of different malignancies. This group includes cancers of the bone marrow, blood, and lymphatic system. People who have blood cancer can have problems with bleeding and serious infection.

5. Eye Cancer: Eye cancer is the general term used to describe many types of tumors that occurs in various parts of the eye. Eye cancer occurs when cells in or around the eye change and grow uncountably, creating a mass called the tumor.

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