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Important Rivers In India

Important Rivers In India | Famous Rivers of India | Major rivers of India
India is one of the land of great physical diversity with its mountains , valleys , plateaus , waterfall etc. India is large in area having many physical features , but rivers in the country , place a special role for the lives of the people. There are many rivers in India and mostly all of them do a lot more than just to supply a water to people. All rivers In India works as veins throughout the body of Indian landscape.
River is one of the most important part for everyone’s life , as it is considered as a holy especially for Hindu Mythology. India is one of the Agriculture country , and river plays an important role as these rivers provides irrigation to the fields. If Ganga , Yamuna , Brahmaputra , Kosi etc , rivers are not there in India , then India would not have been boom .
River is not only important for irrigation and religious, it is also important for transportation. Rivers can also provide electricity to a large population , as it is a source of employment for a number of people. Tourism are promote to a great extend by all these rivers. There have been a lot of adventures spot perform by people in these rivers , which is one of the attraction for Tourist.
The rivers in India have a special place in the hearts of the people , as they worship them. There are many Famous rivers of India , all major rivers originates from one of the three main watersheds. They are as follows:
The Himalayan and Karakoram Ranges
Vindhya and Satpura Range In Central India.
Sahyadri or Western Ghats In Western India.
The Himalayan river network are snow fed , they have continue flow of river throughout the year. The other two watersheds are entirely depend on the monsoons and shrink into rivulets during the dry season.
The Himalayan River system encompasses rivers i.e . Ganga , Yamuna , Chenab , Beas , Jhelum and many more. The rivers which is originated from Vindhya –Satpura watershed are Tapti , Chambal and Narmada . The western Ghats are the source of all Deccan Rivers , these are Godavari , Kaveri River , Mahanadi River etc . all these rivers are drain to the Bay of Bengal.

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