Thursday, 20 November 2014

Indian Baby

Indian Baby | Indian Baby feelings for their parents
The bundle of joy and happiness after getting a baby in your arms means the world to you. After 9 months of consternation, now you have a baby in your arms. The newborn baby cannot make sense to the world , but as his mother taking care of him day by day , he recognizes her by voice , smell and touch. After 3 months , baby recognizes mother face clearly , and within 6 months Indian baby names are friendly in nature as they give sweet smile to strangers and allow themselves to be held in everyone’s arms.

After six months , Indian Baby name are behaving quite dramatically , he wants mother all the time, they start crying when stranger approaches them. At this time they avoid Father and Grandparents , they only feel safe with their mother.

Completing their 9 months they start to recognize their father and as the days goes on they enjoy much with father , then father become the most important part for their lives. After completing their 1 year they start crawling and they are curious to know about the world around them.

After 2-3 years , the child’s attachment to his parents will be clear for him . He shows his loves and start sharing their school activities with their parents. They show concern for their parents, if they think parents got hurt or unhappy.

When they move out from their babyhood, parents expected mature behavior and they start to do that because they love them and never want to make them unhappy.

Parents are very important for children, as they are totally depend on them, every step they need to take advice from them and when children are suffering from any disease they firstly need their parents.

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