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National Flag of India | Indian Flag
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National Flag Of India is a horizontal rectangular flag having tricolor i.e. Deep Saffron at the top , white in the center and Indian Green at the bottom , with a 24 spoke wheel, Ashoka chakra in navy blue at its center. All these colors have their own significance in maintaining and instilling the brotherhood, feeling of love and patriotism in every Indian Heart. Saffron color is for piety and patriotism , white color for simplicity, peace and purity and Green is for prosperity and greenery. There is a navy blue wheel in the center of the white band that signifies continual progress of the country .It was adopted in 22 July 1947 during a meeting of the Constituent Assembly , it became the official flag of India. The term Tricolour is always refers to the Indian National Flag , the flag was designed by Pingali Venkayya, a flag of Indian National Congress was based on the Swaraj flag.

According to law, flag is to be made of khadi , or silk made by Mahatma Gandhi. The specification and manufacturing process for the flag are laid out by the Bureau of Indian Standards, Village Industries Commission and the khadi Development manufacture the flag , who allocate the regional groups.

The use of Flag is governed by Flag Code of India , the original code was prohibited the use of the flag by private citizens. In 2002 , Naveen jindal, the supreme court of India Direct the Government of India to amend the code to allow flag usage by private citizens.

The length and width of all the three stripes of the National Flag Of India should be equal, the size of Ashoka chakra was not specified, but it must have twenty-four spokes.

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